Feb 23, 2024


Hey there, I’m Wesam. I’m an experienced fullstack developer creating immersive user interfaces and scalable applications. I’m based in Chicago, but currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany.

As a Vue expert, I focus on optimizing performance and enhancing user interactions with my team. Additionally, I excel in team leadership and mentoring fellow developers. Most projects are unlisted for confidentiality reasons.

Work Experience

2023 - presentSoftware Development Engineer III - ALDI SÜD
Building the future of ALDI’s global digital experience, on an assignment in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Vue • Nuxt • TypeScript • SCSS • Jest • Express
2021 - presentSoftware Development Engineer III - ALDI
Building the future of ALDI’s global digital experience, focusing on the US market.

Vue • Nuxt • TypeScript • SCSS • Jest • Express
2019 - 2021Software Developer - ChiBatterySystems
Created battery hardware products for the budding personal electric vehicle industry.

Vue • Nuxt • TypeScript • Arduino • C
2019 - 2020Research Assistant - Lewis University
Analyzed C. elegans somatic nervous system development using machine learning to predict each neuron’s function. The algorithm was able to predict correctly with 81% accuracy. The results were presented to other scientists and financial supporters.

Python • Pandas • Numpy


2021DePaul University
Graduated Summa Cum Laude at DePaul University, and created automation tools used by thousands of students and faculty to facilitate courses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.94 GPA • B.S. • Computer Science

Personal Projects

Quality Control software which helps small American manufacturers to optimize their processes.

GraphQL • TypeScript • Vue • AWS • Docker
2023Resume Template
A minimal resume template website built with Vue - responsive and printable.

Vue • TypeScript
2021BlueDaemon v2
A Discord bot that allows universities to create and manage their own servers.

Node • TypeScript • PostgresQL • Express • Prisma • Docker • AWS